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Electrical & Electronic Services

Building Services

- Instrumentation , process control and automation.
- Electric motor control and switchgear systems.
- Sport stadia sound and lighting installations to international standards.
- Electrical reticulation and lighting systems.
- Alarm and CCTV systems.
- Security installations.
- Lighting installations.
- Building and energy control systems
- Emergency power installations.
- Telephone and intercommunication systems and PA systems.

Electrification Services

- High and low voltage electrical infrastructure and service connections
- Area and street lighting systems
- Load studies, fault current determinations and the preparation of system master plans
- Tariff analysis and energy management systems
- Planning, design, Supervision and local project management of Electrical reticulation networks (both underground and overhead)
- Design and erection of both 400V & 132kV substations
- System master planning, planning, design, supervision and total project management of Electrical Distribution Networks up to 132kV.
- Street and area lighting
- House connections and
- Household wiring systems

Electronic Services

- Fire detection systems
- Access control installations (including metal Detectors, x-ray machines and computer controlled security booths).
- PA installations in buildings, shopping malls and sports stadiums.
- Radio communications and telemetry installations such as Borehole Pump control.
- Control systems as for Water purification, sewer treatment and industrial processing.
- Building energy supervision and control systems.
- PABX telecommunication systems and Computer data communication.

General Electrical Services

- Water purification & chemical treatment installations.
- Water pump stations.
- Sewer purification works.
- Emergency power plant installations synchronizing and interlocking.
- Power factor measurements, cost saving analysis and design.
- Security installations such as electric fences, security lighting and access control.
- Network master planning, application for funds, planning, design, supervision and total project management of customer installations and inspections including labour intensive construction.
- Investigations, analysis and operational input pertaining to Electrical Utilities.
- Motor control and switchgear design for pumping stations and water purification plants and factor installations.




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