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Energy Management

Dihlase’s energy management service begins with a walk-through energy audit, which is a systematic survey to identify how energy is being used in a particular establishment, and subsequent identification of energy saving opportunities. A detail audit is then carried out leading from the preliminary audit, which includes proposed technical solutions and economic analysis to decide project implementation and priority.

Using proper audit methods and equipment, the energy audit provides us with essential information on how much, where and how energy is used within a building. This then indicates the performance of the overall plant or process level. These performances can then be compared against past and future levels for proper energy management.

The main component of the energy audit report is the concluding energy efficient proposals, derived from technical and economic analysis of systems. Looking at the final output, an energy audit can also be defined as a systematic search for energy conservation opportunities.

The findings from the audit are than transformed into energy savings projects and DSM rebate applications on behalf of the client via Dihlase’s ESCO division. Adopting the findings from the Energy report gives life to energy management – and controlling the energy use by energy audits is what is referred to as “Energy Management”.

This is where Dihlase Consulting Engineers come to the fore, as their technical expertise in mechanical and electrical building services enables it to offer the client the best possible technical solution for both mechanical and electrical systems. The audit report would amongst other items incorporate energy savings initiatives, detailed evaluation of energy-use patterns by processes and equipment, measurement of energy-use parameters, review of equipment operating characteristics, evaluation of efficiencies, identify DSM options and measures, recommendations for implementation, avoiding power factor penalties and environmental compliance costs, quality improvements, productivity improvements, reduced maintenance, fewer breakdowns, as well as better safety and protection.

Our range of services include:

– Energy Management
– Energy Audits
– Alternative energy systems
– Utilities management
– Tariff checks and restructuring
– ESCO applications for rebates.
– Metering (hotwater, steam, temperature, power, etc.)
– Data Analysis, Feasibility Analysis, and Life cycle costing
– Advisory services on appropriate technology replacements
– Power Factor correction
– Tarrif checks and restructuring
– Training, Leasing agreements and contracts



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